Play It Forward

IMG_0892Roc Solid Foundation’s flagship program, Play It Forward, has one purpose – to build hope for children and teens diagnosed with pediatric cancer. Roc Solid currently offers these kids and their families several different programs to support and encourage them from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. From custom playset builds and room remodels to iPads and cancer-free parties, Roc Solid Foundation strives to build hope through play while these children and families are facing the unimaginable burden of dealing with cancer at a young age.

Hope can be seen in many ways, so Roc Solid Foundation makes each project unique for the individual based on his/her personality, interests, hobbies and current condition. Whether the child lives in a house or apartment, we can tailor the project to that family’s specific needs.

Below are a few ways we have built hope for those going through the struggles of pediatric cancer.


Roc Solid has constructed more than 100 custom playsets for children battling cancer throughout the country. During each project, the child and his/her family is taken out by limo for the morning, and when they return home, they are surprised with a brand new wooden playset in the backyard. While the concept is simple, its impact is far-reaching and immensely rewarding.

Room RemodelsIMG_3072

Room Remodels are arranged for older children (teenagers) or when the living situation prevents Roc Solid from being able to build a playset (i.e. the family lives in an apartment or condominium). Room Remodels are extremely flexible and tailored to each child’s needs and interests.

iPad Project

The iPad Project provides iPads to teenagers to help pass the time while they’re undergoing treatments. Whether they use it to do research, study, keep loved ones up-to-date on treatment progress, the iPad Project is a simple, yet meaningful and useful way to brighten a child’s day.

When I Grow Up

Every kid’s been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Our When I Grow Up program allows kids with cancer to experience their “dream jobs” by pairing them with real-life professionals for a day. From firefighters to fashion designers, physical therapists to archeologists, we do all we can to inspire the courage to keep fighting!