Solid Support

When someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them does, too. – Terri Clark


Pediatric cancer, just like any life threatening disease, does not only affect the child diagnosed; it affects every member of the child’s family as well. Roc Solid Foundation understands this and strives to offer support to the families by lightening the burden of the everyday stress that accompanies pediatric cancer. Through Solid Support Roc Solid makes it a priority to be there for the families every step of the way.

Roc Solid Ready Bag

DSC_0683The Roc Solid Ready Bag is given to parents who have recently learned that their child has cancer. The bag contains everything the family might need during an unexpected hospital stay, which often happens immediately after diagnoses, including a blanket, toiletries, pens, journals, coloring books, a preloaded debit card, quarters for the vending machines and an Amazon Kindle Fire.

During the early stages of cancer diagnosis and treatment, families are often left feeling shocked and helpless. Although it is a small gesture, the Roc Solid Ready Bag sends the message that they are not alone on their journey. When their thoughts are consumed by the reality of cancer and caring for their child, Roc Solid is there to help by providing the basic necessities.


In addition to the Ready Bags, Roc Solid Foundation also reaches out to families to help with other needs. Whether it is work around the house, a day out for Mom and Dad, or maintenance in the yard, Roc Solid foundation strives to support the families in anyway possible.