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Author: maria

Jessica Kantor

In her perfect world, Jessica would be surrounded by animals at all times. And she practically is, with her three dogs, a 10-year old bunny and frequent foster puppies!

Jessica is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and worked in the corporate world for several years before joining the Roc Solid team. “I have volunteered for different organizations all my life and believe Roc Solid is where I’m supposed to be!” she says.

As a Roc Solid development coordinator, Jessica covers the North Carolina region… a perfect fit considering her outgoing personality and love for talking to new people about our mission.

We are lucky to have you on the team, Jessica!

Stephanie Ridley

Stephanie is Roc Solid’s Florida rep who loves meeting people and hearing their stories. Her friends know her as the one to call when they’re looking for adventure – sailing, scuba diving, flying a plane… you name it!

A graduate of East Carolina University, Stephanie left the corporate world to raise her two sons and then discovered the nonprofit world. She heard about Roc Solid’s mission some time after a good family friend lost their son, Hunter, to pediatric cancer. Hunter is still her “why” today as she builds awareness and sponsor support throughout the Sunshine State.

“Playset reveals are the best part of my job,” says Stephanie. “Each child we work with steals a piece of my heart and that memory is forever etched in my mind.”

John Frame (aka “Framez”)

John Frame, or “Framez” as most people know him, is Roc Solid’s video content creator, producing everything from social reels to in-depth family feature stories and podcast episodes.

His background is primarily in the music industry, and he’s worked with a number of celebrities, including Blackstreet, Future, Pharrell and many more… but he says none of that equates to the power of what we do at Roc Solid.

When he’s not creating video content, Framez is an amazing father to his two sons. Friends and colleagues describe him as creative, super loyal and genuine.

“I always knew I was meant to use my creative talent to help people,” says Framez. “I’ve found my calling at Roc Solid and am honored to help spread awareness for what families of kids fighting cancer go through.”

Jasmine McHenry

Jasmine is known for welcoming every person she encounters with a bright, warm smile.

As Roc Solid’s volunteer coordinator, she enjoys getting to know all the people in our community. After graduating from Hampton University with a degree in Psychology, Jasmine worked in various roles in the for-profit sector before realizing her passion for meaningful, mission-driven work. She says her best quality is also sometimes her worst – she doesn’t like to say “no” to people she loves, because her nature is to serve.

Not only does she go out of her way to make sure people feel loved and appreciated, she is also constantly looking for ways to improve our volunteer efforts and outreach. Sounds like she found the right spot at Roc Solid Foundation!

Outside of work, Jasmine is a devoted football mom. You won’t see her light up more than when she’s talking about her three kids and all they do to make her proud!

Madelyn Haskett

Madelyn is one of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet, which makes her a perfect fit for her role working with Roc Solid families.

She was raised on a 30-acre farm with goats, chickens and a donkey, where her parents set a strong example to love God and serve people.

“Coming out of college, I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself,” Madelyn says. “Cancer is a devastating diagnosis, and nobody should have to walk through it alone. I love working alongside servant-minded people who are so dedicated to providing the hope and love our families need.”

Madelyn is also fun-loving, very personable and a fantastic aunt. She can also be a bit stubborn – but only for the right reasons.

Hannah Plott

Hannah is the perfect mix of empathy and humor. She’s extremely thoughtful and connects well with everyone she meets but also doesn’t take life too seriously. And she’s always willing to help the team with a smile on her face (as long as she’s not hangry).

Hannah has been around Roc Solid for many years, leading a successful Roc Solid Club at her high school. She then graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Communications. At Roc Solid, she handles playset logistics – which she picked up very quickly as a newbie when we named her Tour Manager for the Play Defeats Cancer Tour.

“At my core, people are my passion,” she says. “Not only do I get to work with some of the best people I’ve ever met, but being given the chance to love and serve families fighting pediatric cancer is a dream come true.”

Outside of her job, Hannah loves reading, spending time with her friends and family, and a good karaoke session.

Flavia Neto

As our office specialist, Flavia simply takes care of things… not just the office, but our people, too. She is truly a servant at heart.

She came to the U.S. in 2002 from Portugal, looking for a better life for her three kids. She co-founded a private Christian school and has always loved being around children.

We’re not surprised to hear that people describe her as funny, kind-hearted, attentive and hardworking, because that pretty much sums it up. In her role, she has a hand in finance and assists day-to-day office happenings and events, of which there are many.

Flavia says that joining the Roc Solid team was exactly what she needed, which is funny because she’s exactly what we needed!

She also loves to dance (Waltz, anyone?).

Trey Barham

Don’t let him fool you – Trey is not as serious as he first comes across. But he is definitely as competitive as he seems.

After graduating from VMI, he played professional baseball for 8 seasons with the Oakland A’s. Between that and his experience working in memberships and sponsorships, he’s not shy – he can literally talk to anyone. His goal is to make sure people smile or laugh at least once a day.

His favorite part of his job are the kiddos we serve. “All they want to do is smile and play, and we get to bring that to them.”

He loves spending time with his wife Rachel, daughter Taryn and “puppy” Nuke.

Overall, Trey is just an enjoyable guy to be around (or maybe watch a game with). Just don’t try to race him at a stoplight. He will win.

Kristin Psimas

“I will figure it out.”

This is why we love Kristin. She’s analytical and a great problem solver, and she runs toward (not away from) technical challenges and projects. As digital marketing coordinator, she also creates communications workflows, oversees Google Analytics and SEO and manages digital ad campaigns.

Kristin says this position was her answer to two years of prayer and patience – and we’d say the same for us! She previously worked in digital marketing in the corporate world and is a graduate of Elon University.

She says her worst quality is overanalyzing things… but we certainly wouldn’t change anything about that personality trait (see above).

Kristin’s favorite part of her job is the people – the passion of our team members, the courage of our families and the dedication of our volunteers.

She’s tiny, she’s feisty, she loves organization and she has tons of energy. We’re just so happy she’s part of our team, helping to further our mission by making us more efficient at what we do.

Devon Smith

Meet our program specialist who loves to play! Devon really enjoys being around kids and has worked with them in many different settings, including years developing programs in preschools and camps.

After experiencing her first Roc Solid playset reveal, and seeing first-hand the joy it left behind, she was hooked to our mission and knew she was in the right place.

She says enthusiasm is her best and worst quality, but we’d say it’s just her best. She jumps into every situation with both feet and a great attitude, and for that we are so thankful.

Devon is also known for sharing great stories, so if you ever get to sit down with her and hear one, you are a lucky human!