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Can you imagine what hope sounds like? We can.

Picture the smile on a child’s face when you give them a boop!

That’s what happens every time you donate $1 to help us send a child fighting cancer a custom playset.

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Bring PLAY back to families fighting childhood cancer

Applications are rolling in, and we want to send 200 kids fighting cancer brand new playsets.

Why playsets? Because when kids are diagnosed with cancer, they can no longer play in public places or with friends. More than ever, they need a safe place to swing, slide and climb.

boop! now

But you can help.

Roc Solid Foundation is on a mission to raise $300,000 by October 31, so we can ship 200 custom playsets to kids fighting cancer across the country.

That’s $1,500 per child needed to reach our goal.

We want to deliver hope and this is what hope looks like. A safe place to play. Because when kids are playing, cancer is the last thing on their minds.

What is Roc Solid on Demand?

At Roc Solid, we believe play defeats cancer. We’ve seen it hundreds of times. Because when kids are playing, guess what they’re not thinking about? (You got it.)

Roc Solid On Demand allows us to ship the playset experience to families fighting pediatric cancer no matter where they live. And it allows us to reach more families than ever before.

But we need your help. We believe we can reach thousands of families fighting pediatric cancer if we work together. It’s as simple as the click of a button… boop!

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