We can’t bring PLAY to kids fighting cancer without you!

Get the facts about childhood cancer

Each year, nearly 16,000 families across the United States are given the gut-wrenching news their child has cancer. We consider ourselves lucky if, in one way or another, we’re not one of the many who are impacted by this disease daily. 

At Roc Solid Foundation, we believe play is critical for all kids, and unfortunately, it’s one of the first things taken away when a child is diagnosed.

Learn more about childhood cancer. With your help, we can defeat it. 

Use your social influence for good, and boop! with us!

Support children fighting cancer by sharing on social media.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and our chance to shine a light on the realities families face when their child is unexpectedly diagnosed with this disease. This year has made their extraordinary circumstances even more difficult, and they need hope more than ever—they need the opportunity to PLAY. 

That’s why we are calling on you to join our cause!

Your support is critical for us to share our mission with as many people across the nation as possible. 

You can post personal stories, cancer statistics, reasons to give, and more. By sharing with your fans, we will reach our goal of shipping 200 custom playsets to children fighting cancer faster than we can ever do on our own.

Guidelines and Templates for Fundraiser

For quick and easy ways to post across your social media channels, we’ve provided suggested messaging you can share to help spread our mission. Be sure to tag @rocsolidfoundation and use #getbooped!

Mad-Lib Style

Copy and edit any of the captions below to use for your social posts!


I’m so excited to share that I’ve partnered with @rocsolidfoundation to help them [insert action]. If you’re looking for a great cause to support, please consider joining the #getbooped movement! #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth


I can’t imagine watching my child lose hope in [his/her] future because [he/she] doesn’t have a safe place to play. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and @RocSolidFoundation NEEDS your help to give 200 children with cancer their own playset. For ways to get involved, visit: (LINK) #getbooped


I can’t imagine [insert action related to childhood cancer]. Join me in helping @rocsolidfoundation ship 200 custom playsets across the US to families fighting cancer. #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth #getbooped


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and I’m supporting @RocSolidFoundation because [insert a personal reason]. I’ve made a personal goal of raising [insert dollar amount] to give a child fighting cancer their very own playset. Who wants to join me? #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth #getbooped


Did you know [insert stat found on facts page]? Please join me and @rocsolidfoundation to raise $300,000 during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to provide 200 children with cancer their own playset. #getbooped

Copy + Paste Style

Copy and paste any of the captions below to use for your social posts!


I can’t imagine trading trips to the playground with trips to the doctor. In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve partnered with @rocsolidfoundation to help them raise $300,000 so they can ship 200 custom playsets to kids fighting cancer. #getbooped


Every child in the US should have the chance to play safely. Join me and @rocsolidfoundation in raising money toward providing 200 kids with cancer with their very own playset: booptoday.org #childhoodcancer #getbooped


By giving $1, you can make a huge difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer! Every child should have a safe place to play, and @rocsolidfoundation is making that happen by shipping 200 playsets to kids with cancer. Learn more: booptoday.org #getbooped 


More than ever before, kids fighting cancer need a safe place to play. And @rocsolidfoundation is on a mission to provide them the opportunity to feel like a kid with their very own playset. I’m asking for your help—$1 toward their goal will make a huge difference. #getbooped


Do you want to #getbooped? Join me in supporting @rocsolidfoundation’s goal of raising $300,000 by Oct. 31 for kids fighting cancer. It takes just $1 to make a difference! 

Your support means the world to us—and every kid waiting to play!

Ways to Get Involved.

Anyone, anywhere can boop!

Get involved to give kids fighting cancer the gift of play

At Roc Solid Foundation, we envision a future where every child with cancer has the chance to swing, slide, and climb—the chance to be a kid. 

This is why we need boopers! like you to rally behind our goal of raising $300,000 so we can ship 200 playsets to families across the country. When you join us, you are not only giving a child in need the opportunity to play, but you are giving them hope. 

Challenge a friend to boop!

Copy and paste this email below and challenge a friend to boop! with you. Together we can make a huge boop! 

Hey [Your Friend’s Name],

I’m challenging you to boop! with me

So what’s a boop!? A boop! is a $1 donation to help bring kids with cancer their very own playset. 

Basically, this awesome organization called Roc Solid Foundation (RSF) started Roc Solid on Demand—a program to bring playsets to children with cancer. (Yeah, you read that right!) They currently have a waiting list of 200 kids who need playsets. Each playset costs $1500, so the goal is to raise $300,000 in order to bring all 200 kids on the current waitlist a playset. 


We are asking people to “boop!” A.K.A. go here and donate $1

That’s it. 

A dollar. 

ONE. Dollar. 

I challenge you to donate a buck to help bring playsets to kids with cancer!

Want to out boop! MY boop!? Want to answer my challenge? GO DONATE $1. 

THEN call me out on social media, and pose a challenge of your own asking someone else to boop! 

So there. Go forth and spread the boop!

You rock,
[Your Name]

About Super Boopers

Be a champion for childhood cancer.

Inspire your community to take big action by becoming a Super Booper!

Roc Solid Foundation was founded with one mission in mind—to build hope for kids fighting cancer through the power of play. But we can’t do it without the support of people dedicated to our cause—people like you. By becoming a Super Booper, you are committed to making an impact in your community and across the nation. 

Are you ready to boop! in the biggest way possible?

Here’s what we need from you:  

  1. Recruit people in your community who want to boop! with you.
  2. Set a goal you want to reach at the end of our 8-week fundraiser.
  3. Join our super-secret Facebook Group open only to superboopers!
  4. Share your support on social media throughout September and October. 
  5. Cheer your team on from start to finish!

Start a Facebook group Fundraiser

Ready to start your own Facebook Fundraiser and challenge your friends and family to boop! with you? Check out this quick 90 second video that shows you how.

Click here for a copy and paste description to customize your Facebook Fundraiser to boop!

Double that Boop!

If you’re a business that wants to match donations, this is the option for you! You can double that boop! by choosing a date and timeframe in which you’d like to match donations. Maybe you choose 24 hours, 48 hours or a whole week, but whatever you decide, we’ll brand our sharable donation tracker with your company logo to let everyone know it’s a Double Boop! Day.

If you’re interested in matching donations, please email: stacey@rocsolidfoundation.org with the subject line “Double that Boop!”

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