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Homegrown Hope—TowneBank’s Impact

TowneBank Team members share their "Why"
TowneBank team members share their “Why” at a play set build.

TowneBank has a long and celebrated history with Roc Solid Foundation. Like Roc Solid, TowneBank found their roots in the southeast Virginia region and formed their foundational values around helping families thrive. Their tagline, “serving others, enriching lives,” is truly woven into the fabric of the organization and put into practice through the partnership with Roc Solid. 

TowneBank and Roc Solid Foundation crossed paths in 2009 as Roc Solid founder and Chief Play Officer Eric Newman began to put his vision into action. Roc Solid and TowneBank sought to impact families in the same neighborhoods and communities. Immediately, both knew the partnership was a perfect fit. 

Strong Families, Strong Communities

Since day one, TowneBank has been a community partner for Roc Solid and has made it possible for Roc Solid to love and serve more families every year. In addition to financial support for the organization, TowneBank also sponsors one local playset build every year. Our friends at TowneBank tell us that the playset build is always an eagerly awaited event and the volunteer spots fill up immediately.

TowneBank team members building a play set for Ariadna!
TowneBank team members working hard to build a play set for Ariadna!

In the spring of 2022, TowneBank volunteers rallied together in Chesapeake, VA to build a playset for Ariadna, a two-year-old fighting leukemia. Although the family is Spanish speaking, the language barrier was hardly a hindrance to the community and hope that TowneBank brought to Ariadna’s family on her build day. Due to the unpredictable nature of pediatric cancer, Ariadna was unable to attend her build day, but the TowneBank team was able to FaceTime her in the hospital to reveal her new playset that awaited her when she returned home. Despite not being able to meet Ariadna in-person that day, the TowneBank team says the playset build was one of the most impactful volunteer activities they had experienced. 

Ariadna on her new playset!
Ariadna is all smiles on her new play set!

Living the “Families First” Mentality 

TowneBank presenting a play kit to Ariadna's family.
TowneBank presents a play kit to Ariadna’s family.

TowneBank member and employees appreciate the bank’s focus on being a community asset. The company truly displays a dedication to investing in the local community through its partnership with Roc Solid, sharing a deep-rooted commitment to loving and serving families in their time of need. That’s why TowneBank continues to support Roc Solid’s playset and Ready Bag programs, as well as new initiatives like the Hope Zone and Play Kits.

Townebank members building a playset!
Townebank team members “Going to Towne” on a play set build!

Night for the Fight

TowneBank is excited to continue its support of Roc Solid and families fighting pediatric cancer through their partnership in 2023, including its return as the presenting sponsor for Roc Solid’s spring event, Night for the Fight. This special event demonstrates the impact of Roc Solid to both local and national kiddos and families, a mission that has grown over the past 14 years thanks in part to the special partnership between Roc Solid and TowneBank. We are excited and expectant for the significant and lasting impact our partnership in 2023 will bring for families fighting pediatric cancer. 

Townebank team members come together to build hope!
Another play set built by the amazing Townebank team.

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