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Kathleen Hansen, CCLS

Marketing Coordinator

At first impression, Kathleen is very serious, very passionate and very driven. But get to know her, and you realize there’s much more. She’s sarcastic, witty and lots of fun, too.

Kathleen graduated from Wingate University and is a Certified Child Life Specialist, most recently working at a children’s hospital before joining our team. So she already had experience with Roc Solid, handing out Ready Bags to families at diagnosis.

“I had seen what these kids go through in treatment, and I wanted to provide them with positive experiences to have at home. There’s a special place in my heart for these little warriors to have made me laugh, made me cry and made me proud to know them.”

We knew immediately she was a perfect fit for our team, because that dedication to kids fighting cancer has made her great at her job of engaging Roc Solid sponsors and families.