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Roc Solid on Demand Stories

Meet Lia.

Lia is 3 years old and fighting leukemia.

Lia was just 2 years old when her family heard the news that she was diagnosed with leukemia. 

In 2020, Lia received the first ever Roc Solid On Demand playset!

“HUGE thanks to the amazing organization Roc Solid Foundation for this incredible new playset. It is perfect timing for Lia to have a safe (and germ free) place to play outside in the sunshine…”

Play can change the way a family fights pediatric cancer. We believe that every child fighting cancer should have a safe place to play in their own backyard!

“Roc Solid has been amazing to work with and we are forever grateful for your generosity to our
family…as your motto goes…this is what hope looks like!”

Help us create more #whathopelookslike moments for kids fighting cancer all across the United States.

Just $10/month can help Roc Solid build hope for kids fighting cancer just like Lia.