Help a Family

Interested in helping a family (or families) fighting pediatric cancer?

Our goal is to build hope for all 16,000 kids who are diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year.

As we expand our mission throughout the country, we are creating programs to engage communities and provide all the tools needed to build hope, even in areas where we don’t have a presence.

From community-led playset builds to hospital Ready Bags, we want every family fighting cancer in childhood to know they’re not alone. And by offering your love, care and kindness, you help create moments of happiness in which play defeats cancer.

If you know a family fighting pediatric cancer or if you’re interested in constructing a Roc Solid On Demand playset for that family, please visit our families page for more information. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome donations of any size to support our mission. But if you’re available to help build hope in person, we have plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer.

Visit our volunteer page to find out how you can join in with community fundraisers, playset build programs, Ready Bag Packing Parties, and more.

Contact Us

We have big goals to reach the 16,000 families diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year, and we believe that the power of community will help us get there. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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