Meet Jane: Roc Solid On Demand Playset Story

July 11, 2022

Meet Jane!

Jane with her “What Cancer Cannot Do” plaque.

Jane lives in Middleton, Massachusetts where she’s been fighting leukemia for nearly two and a half years. Like most children in chemotherapy treatment, Jane’s weak immune system means she can’t go outside to meet and play with other children. Instead, she has to stay at home. Her brother Charlie keeps her company, though.

Even with a loving family, being unable to go to school or make friends can be overwhelmingly hard for a child. But through every step of her fight against cancer, Jane managed to inspire everyone around her by keeping a brave smile on her face.

So, to celebrate her final IV chemotherapy treatment in January, Jane’s mom had arranged a little surprise…

As Jane returned home, she was delighted to find a brand new playset ready and waiting for her!

Jane and her family with her new playset!

The playset was arranged, packaged, and shipped through the Roc Solid On Demand program. While Jane might not be able to visit the park, her playset gives her a way to experience the joy of childhood at home with her family.

After receiving their playset, Jane’s mom said:

“An enormous ‘thank you’ from the Santoro family… for bringing smiles to everyone and helping us celebrate this occasion we have been dreaming of for so long!”

For most families, the Roc Solid on Demand playset is built in their backyard. But Jane’s final treatment came in the middle of a biting Massachusetts winter! Luckily, her mom had the perfect plan:

“We got 20 inches of snow in our yard and decided to put the playset in our basement for the winter. It has been amazing to have this place for Jane and Charlie to run free and be active.”

Jane’s experience shows us that play can defeat cancer no matter how much snow there is outside! And by putting her fight aside to create happy memories, Jane and her family can continue with hope in their hearts.

Every playset that brings joy to a child with cancer is possible thanks to the kind supporters of the Roc Solid Foundation. So, please leave a donation (monthly or one-off) and help us build hope across the country with even more Roc Solid On Demand playsets.

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