Meet Mara: Roc Solid On Demand Playset Story

July 14, 2022

Meet Mara!

Mara just turned seven years old, and lives in Winter Springs, Florida, along with her younger sister Ayla. But in September 2020, Mara’s family learned that she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the happy picnics and playdates of Mara’s childhood had already been taken away from her. But after her cancer diagnosis, they were replaced with a revolving door of clinic visits, chemotherapy sessions, and inpatient hospital stays. And even when other children could head back out into the world, Mara’s weak immune system caused by cancer treatment meant she could only watch from the window. That is, until we got a call from Mara’s Mama Bear. Not ready to let the joy of childhood slip through Mara’s fingers, her mom arranged for her to receive a Roc Solid On Demand playset of her very own!

The difference was night and day.

Where once Mara had been unable to go outside, her playset gives her a chance to forget her cancer and play like any other little girl. As Mara’s mom tells it:

“This playset has given us the ability to walk outside, into our own backyard, and enjoy the fresh air without worrying quite so much about Mara’s health. Many of our days now begin and end on the playset.”

Mara’s Roc Solid On Demand playset was shipped hundreds of miles without costing her family a single penny. Thanks to the amazing donations and support given to the Roc Solid Foundation, we can send custom backyard playsets across the US and use play to bring hope back to families fighting childhood cancer.

And what happens when play defeats cancer? Well, we think Mara’s Mama Bear put it best:

“[The playset] has truly brought the spark back into our little girl’s life.” So that we can continue bringing that spark to kids fighting childhood cancer across the country with Roc Solid On Demand playsets, please consider leaving a donation. Every dollar helps children like Mara take a break from their struggle, and simply create happy memories with their families.

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