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Play it Forward – FAQ

Play It Forward – For Families

What does build day look like?

On the day of your child’s playset build, the Roc Solid team will arrive at 8am. All other volunteers will arrive at 9am and we will get started! By 12:30pm, the playset should be complete. If there are any delays during the building of the playset, one of our Roc Solid team members will be in touch with you.

What should we (the family) do while you build?

Great question! Your options are endless. Some of our families keep the playset a secret from the child and on the morning of the playset build, they take them for a morning of fun (like to breakfast or to a friends house to play). Upon returning, we do a big reveal of the playset for the child. Other families, and kiddos, like to watch us build the whole playset and anxiously await the moment that they can finally go down the slide. Ultimately, it’s up to you and what works best for your family.

Will anything be delivered to my house?

Yes! We will ship the playset directly to your family. It comes in 3 separate boxes and a slide in a bag. Typically the playset will arrive 1-2 weeks prior to the build day. We will be in touch with you to confirm you received the playset.

A port-a-john will also be delivered to your home. This is typically dropped two days before the build and picked up the next business day after the build.

If anything else is going to be delivered, we will be sure to let you know in advance.

What if I have a Homeowner’s Association?

We will contact the head of your homeowner’s association on your behalf to get permission to build the playset. Please just make sure you complete the “HOA” section in the form included in your “welcome” email.

Do I need to call misutilites?

Nope! We will call and ensure that where we will be installing the playset is clear of all utilities.

How do I choose a spot for the playset?

We are here to help! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The playset dimensions are 16’ 8” (wide) x 13’ 10” (deep) x 11’ 3” (high).
  • Is there enough space to accommodate the slide and the swings?
  • Is the area fairly flat/level?
  • Is the ground really soft or hard in that area?
  • Also, be mindful of any future plans for your yard.

*If you have concerns about the dimensions or any of these questions, don’t worry. We will work with you to figure it out.

Play It Forward – For Volunteers

Do I need construction experience to participate in a playset build?

No special skills are required. At each project, Roc Solid build leaders assist our volunteers every step of the way, making it easy for anyone to build hope! In fact, we are very family friendly; kids of all ages are welcome too!

How many volunteers are needed to build a playset?

Up to 25 volunteers can attend a playset build. We recommend a minimum of 10-15 people, and if you’re having trouble recruiting that many, it’s no problem! Let us know, and we can help round up some volunteers for you.

Who else will attend the playset build?

Our Play It Forward playset builds are led by Roc Solid Build leaders who have experience building dozens of playsets. They will guide the sponsor volunteer group through the entire process and troubleshoot anything that comes up! Additionally, you may see a few extra volunteers on-site, because we reserve a handful of spots per build for people who are interested in being trained as build leaders.

What should I bring/wear?

Roc Solid provides everything you need, so leave your tool box at home! Please wear closed-toed shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Keep in mind that you may get your clothes dirty. We will provide all volunteers with Roc Solid t-shirts, snacks and drinks during the build, along with ponchos for inclement weather.

Can we bring banners/marketing materials with our company information?

Yes! Sponsors are welcome to bring any banners, t-shirts, marketing materials, etc. to your playset build.

What’s the timeline for the day, and what will I be expected to do?

Roc Solid Build Leaders arrive at 8am, and sponsor volunteers arrive at 9am. Volunteers are then split into groups to work on the different playset sections. Each section is organized with the right hardware and a detailed instruction manual. We’ll also have Build Leaders nearby to answer questions. If possible, the playset will be “revealed” to the family and kiddo when it’s complete. Projects are typically wrapped up no later than 1pm.

What is parking like on the day of the playset build?

We work with families to find out if parking will be an issue on build day, and we will let you know what they say. However, out of respect for them and their neighbors, we recommend carpooling when possible.

What is the waiver of liability and why do I have to sign it?

Our waiver releases Roc Solid Foundation from any legal liability in the event that injury or personal property damage occurs during a project or event. We ask that waivers be completed before any volunteers begin work on a project site. They may be completed during online registration, but we will also have hard copies available the day of the project. If a volunteer is under the age of 18, his/her name should be listed on the parent/guardian’s waiver.

What if rain is forecasted on my build date?

Play It Forward builds are typically rain or shine, and we provide ponchos to volunteers in the event of rain. If we feel your safety may be at risk, the decision to move forward or postpone the project will be made the day prior. If unforeseen inclement weather arises overnight, your organization’s main point of contact(s) will receive a text or call by 6:00am the day of the project.