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Thank you!

Thank you for joining us as a Roc Solid Build Leader for the 2023 Play Defeats Cancer Tour! Here you will find all the info you need to spread awareness and direct more people to your fundraiser. Feel free to make this content your own—or use it word-for-word if you’d like!

We appreciate all you are doing to love and serve these 30 families fighting pediatric cancer!

Promote on Social!

Copy and paste these sample social posts to encourage your friends and family to support your fundraiser, or feel free to use it in an email. Be sure to fill in the bolded text with info for your builds.

Help me build playsets with Roc Solid Foundation for kiddo, kiddo and kiddo, three amazing kiddos who are all fighting cancer in location. Any donation will help me reach my fundraising goal of $1,750 so I can travel there in September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Just click the link in the comments/my bio. Thank you for helping me change the lives of these incredible families! 

I am pumped to travel to location with Roc Solid this September to build playsets for three kiddos fighting cancer. We are building 30 playsets in 30 days during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. BUT we can’t do it alone—please consider donating to help me reach my fundraising goal of $1,750. Just click the link in the comments/my bio. Thank you for your support!

I believe that Play Defeats Cancer. Help me reach my fundraising goal of $1,750 so I can travel with Roc Solid Foundation to build playsets for 3 amazing families fighting an unimaginable battle. Then, you can download and share this sign to honor a cancer hero you know. Let’s keep the awareness going! The donate link is in the comments/my bio. Thank you! (with photo of you with your “I Play For” sign)

Pro Tip #1:

Include a photo! Use one from this page, a build site or with a Roc Solid kiddo/family. As we get closer to the PDC builds, we’ll provide you with photos of the kiddos you’ll be building for, which you also are welcome to share!

Pro Tip #2:

Make it personal. Why do you believe in Roc Solid’s mission? Your friends & family are more likely to donate if you share your WHY.

Pro Tip #3:

Facebook will show your post to more people if you add your link in the comments. For Instagram, include your fundraising link in your profile!

Send a Text!

You’ll each receive a custom link you can text to friends and family for an easy way to donate! Include the link in a text with something like this (short and sweet):

Help me travel to location to build hope for three kiddos fighting cancer! Any amount helps. Donate here: (link)

In September, I’ll be traveling to location to build hope for kiddo (with photo) and two other kiddos who are fighting cancer. Please support me here! (link)

Check your Fundraising Progress

Once you get your fundraising link, you will be able to access the main fundraiser page and your team’s fundraising page at any time to see the progress. On the main page, you will be able to see the leaderboard, which will show how your team is doing compared to other teams. Remember, there will be prizes for the individuals and teams who raise the most money!

Other Ways to Promote Your Fundraiser


Share your WHY.

Let your friends and family know why you believe in Roc Solid’s mission. You can even shoot a quick selfie video (videos do great on social!)


Share an experience you’ve had with Roc Solid.

A favorite build memory, maybe—so they understand the impact their support can have.


Get creative!

Have an idea? Let us know how we can help!

Share the message with a photo!