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Thank you!

Thank you for support as we set out to build 30 playsets in 30 days across the country!

As a Play Defeats Cancer Tour Partner, you are welcome to share any of the info on this page to show your community how you’ve joined our mission to build hope for kids fighting cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Feel free to make this content your own—or use it word-for-word if you’d like! And don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else you need.

Promote on Social!

Copy and paste these social posts to show your community how you are giving back during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. And feel free to share them with your team members, too! Don’t forget to edit the bolded copy and tag Roc Solid at @rocsolidfoundation.

Play defeats cancer. This September, (company name) is supporting @rocsolidfoundation in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Join us by donating any amount and sharing an “I Play For” sign in honor of someone you know who has fought cancer. Your support will help Roc Solid build hope for even more kids fighting cancer across the country. Learn more at

#playdefeatscancer2023 #whathopelookslike #playdefeatscancer

(Company name) plays for kids fighting cancer! This September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we have partnered with @rocsolidfoundation to support their Play Defeats Cancer Tour, where they are building 30 playsets in 30 days for kids fighting cancer. Join us by donating any amount and sharing an “I Play For” sign on social to spread awareness. Learn more at

#playdefeatscancer2023 #whathopelookslike #playdefeatscancer

Pro Tip #1:

Include a photo! Use one from this page, or a photo of your team members holding “I Play For” signs.

Pro Tip #2:

Make it personal. Why do you believe in Roc Solid’s mission? Your community is more likely to support the cause if they hear why it matters to your company.

Pro Tip #3:

Facebook will show your post to more people if you add the link in the comments versus the actual post. For Instagram, include the link in your profile!

Other Ideas


Share a video.

Videos do a great job of engaging your community on social media. Consider shooting some footage for a post or reel showing your team with their “I Play For” signs, or asking them why they believe that play defeats cancer. 


Get creative!

Have an idea? Let us know how we can help!

Share the message with a photo!