Roc Solid On Demand – FAQs

What is ROD? 

  • ROD stands for “Roc Solid on Demand.” We are best known for our Play It Forward initiative, which surprises kids fighting cancer with brand new playsets in their backyards. ROD allows the community to build hope for families fighting pediatric cancer by providing a way to ship Play it Forward directly to you!

What exactly is shipped?

  • ROD includes the actual playset itself, along with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how a group of people (“your community”) can safely construct the playset in the backyard of the family, dear to you, who has been diagnosed with pediatric cancer. ROD also includes a list of tools you’ll need, as well as a “play package” with other fun items and activities for the day-of.

Who buys a ROD?

  • Friends, family, really anyone in the community who wants to bless a local family fighting pediatric cancer through the power of PLAY! After a pediatric cancer diagnosis, families often get asked, “What can we do to help?” ROD is the answer to that question. A playset provides a safe and less-germy escape from cancer, conveniently in the private backyard of a family. But since these families do not have the physical time or emotional energy to construct a playset, that’s where the community steps in!

If I commit to leading the charge, who is my “community”?

  • Community = your and/or the family’s neighborhood, church, school, co-workers, local fire department, local business or company, sports team, rotary club, junior league, Kiwanis club… the options are endless! Anyone who wants to join efforts in order to LOVE and powerfully impact a local family fighting cancer. 

How much does ROD cost?

  • ROD costs $2,000, but the smile that it will produce on the child’s face is priceless! By committing to raising $2,000, you will not only bless one family with a playset, but you will also provide HOPE to two additional families by funding two Roc Solid Ready Bags.

What is a Ready Bag?

  • Ready Bags are given to families when their child is diagnosed with cancer, and while they include basic essentials for a hospital stay, we hope they also send a message to families that they are not alone as they begin this terrifying journey.

How do I come up with $2,000?

  • Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Once you commit to ROD and complete the “Ready Bag” deposit of $300, Roc Solid will send you fundraising tools to set you up for success! These tools include…
  1. Instructions on how to set up and send out an online fundraising page to collect donations for your project.
  2. Info you can either print or email to share with potential donors, introducing the concept of ROD and the costs involved.
  3. A shareable video link to aid in communication with potential donors. This video will show what a ROD playset build looks like.
  4. A fundraising guide that includes ideas to raise money toward your goal (i.e. hosting a carwash, contacting local businesses with give-back programs, selling donuts, etc.)

I raised the $2,000 …now what?

  • Congrats! As soon as Roc Solid receives the funds, ROD will be shipped directly to you with everything you need to engage your community and ultimately #BuildHope. This is when you should work with the family to set a build date and start rounding the troops (your community) to help on build day. FYI – the ideal number of volunteers to engage in a playset build is 20-25.

What if I raise more than $2,000?

  • You will officially become our favorite! Any additional funding will go directly to the Roc Solid Ready Bag program.