Roc Solid On Demand – FAQs

Roc Solid On Demand – Frequently Asked Questions

What is ROD?

ROD stands for “Roc Solid on Demand.”

Roc Solid is best known for surprising kids fighting cancer with playsets in their backyards. Our traditional playset program is offered in VA, NC and SC, but with the introduction of ROD, we are now able to build hope for families fighting pediatric cancer no matter where they live!

ROD allows communities to build hope for families fighting pediatric cancer by shipping the Roc Solid playset experience directly to families or a “host” – someone in the community who has stepped up to lead the playset build for a local family.

Who qualifies to receive a ROD playset?

Our mission is to build hope for kids fighting cancer, and our playset program is designed for kids ages 1 – 9 who are in active treatment for pediatric cancer.

We can currently ship playsets to families living within the U.S.’s 48 contiguous states. We are working on plans to reach families beyond that soon!

Who requests a ROD?

RODs can be requested either by families fighting pediatric cancer or by someone in the community who would like to host a ROD project for a family.

Since pediatric cancer families are juggling a lot, often they don’t have the physical time or emotional energy to build the playsets themselves. We encourage friends, family members, really anyone in the community to rally around them to get these ROD playsets built.

Anyone who wants to bless a local family fighting pediatric cancer through the power of play can facilitate a ROD project. After a pediatric cancer diagnosis, families often get asked, “What can we do to help?” ROD is the answer to that question.

What exactly is shipped?

ROD includes the actual playset itself, along with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how a group of people (“your community”) can safely construct the playset in the backyard of a family who has been diagnosed with pediatric cancer. ROD also includes a list of tools needed, as well as a “play kit” with other fun items and activities for build day.

If I commit to hosting a ROD project, who is my “community”?

Community = friends or family, your neighborhood, church, school, co-workers, local fire department, local business, sports team, rotary club, junior league, Kiwanis club… the options are endless! Anyone who wants to join efforts in order to love and powerfully impact a local family fighting pediatric cancer.

I’m ready to sign up. What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. Seriously.

If you’re comfortable with it, we ask our ROD families and hosts to provide basic information and photos, as well as photos of the kiddo playing on the completed playset. It’s not required, but it’s a great way for us to show our sponsors the impact they’re having by supporting the ROD program.

How much does ROD cost?

For families and hosts? Nothing! We seek out organizations to sponsor our ROD projects at $1,500 each. And the smiles they produce are priceless! Roc Solid is actively searching for supporters who would consider sponsoring ROD projects. For more information, click here.

As a sponsor, you would be matched up to a family, and we’ll share the child’s story with you, as well as photos from the “reveal” of the playset so you can see and share your impact and the smiles it’s created.