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Servant Leadership & Families First

May 31, 2022
Roc Solid volunteers with the Lopez family in Tennessee

We have a value at Roc Solid Foundation to hold the attitude that we get to be a part of what we do here—never that we have to. Megan Korving, Secretary on our Board of Directors, is the embodiment of that value. Megan is always seeking out how she and her family can be a part of the mission in a hands-on way. She has been involved with Roc Solid for years. Megan always asks how she can help well beyond her role on the board. She shares her heart for serving, “I believe that leaders need to do the work too, understanding fully what goes into the organization. We are a team and although we may make some big decisions at a table, we are not above getting our hands dirty.”

Meet Megan!

Megan Korving, Roc Solid Board Member and Volunteer

Ask Megan “why” she serves with Roc Solid, and you are sure to get a heartfelt and enthusiastic response. “Why not?” she says, “I have always been shown the importance of volunteering and have done so since I was young. Helping children is very important to me, as is pouring love into those families who have done nothing to deserve the news that their child has cancer.” Megan is frequently found serving on build sites alongside her dad, Les, as well as packing Ready Bags at Packing Parties. She serves with the brightest smile. A word of encouragement to the families we build for and the volunteers who may be just learning about Roc Solid, is often what you’ll hear from Megan. She shares, “While cancer is a tough and scary topic, there are also smiles—smiles because we are doing the right thing for the right reasons, doing the best we can in each moment.”

Making Play Defeat Cancer!

During the first ever Play Defeats Cancer Tour in the spring of 2022, Megan traveled to Nashville, TN to build hope for three local kiddos. On the first build, Megan presented the What Cancer Cannot Do plaque, a Roc Solid gift to every family we build for, to the mama and papa bears. Now she says that was her favorite moment from her experiences at Roc Solid so far. She says, “There are so many positive moments, but I was especially touched to be able to share the What Cancer Cannot Do Plaque for the first time. I had seen quite a few of these presentations, but it was so meaningful to be able to personally present the plaque to a family.” Megan’s genuine compassion and heart of hope shone through as she presented the plaque to the family, leaving few eyes on the build site without tears.

Families First—There’s and Ours

At Roc Solid, everything is about family. Our team of staff and volunteers frequently have kiddos tagging along to the warehouse, and Megan’s boys are always ready to come hang out. “My family gets to have hands-on experience loving and serving others and they really enjoy it. My kids have increased compassion and empathy for others and are surrounded by positive influences and people who share our values.” Megan’s husband, Stephen, loves to serve our families as well through packing ready bags and helping out on build sites. Megan even extended her love for Roc Solid to her dad, Les, and now he is a build leader as well. “He is very involved and I love seeing how this has impacted him,” Megan shared.  

The message of hope and community radiates from Megan…

whether she is sitting at the table with the Board of Directors, packing a Ready Bag, leading a playset build, or simply talking to a family. Her “why” shines through everything she does, and it is clear that she is encouraged by her involvement at Roc Solid as well. She says, “Cancer is indiscriminate and not a fair burden for a child to bear. Providing love and support to these families is just a small thing I can do to shine a little light of hope in their most challenging moments.”