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Tag: Chief Play Officer

Eric Newman

Eric is the founder of Roc Solid Foundation. With his mind on the mission, he manages the staff and oversees all key initiatives, including children’s hospital partnerships, major sponsor relationships and Roc Solid’s strategic growth plan. He is also host of Roc Solid’s What Hope Looks Like podcast.

As a pediatric cancer survivor, Eric is all too familiar with the battle a family faces when their child is diagnosed. And that’s what drives him daily toward the vision of one day building hope for every child fighting cancer.

Eric is an avid reader and dedicated leader who speaks to large groups regularly, sharing his personal story. If you’re around him long enough, you’re sure to hear a metaphor or reference to a self-growth book he’s reading.

With a “think big, act small” approach, Eric puts the highest value on relationships and those who have supported the organization as it’s grown. He keeps Roc Solid staff members busy with never-ending “larger than life” ideas, always pushing the envelope and always with the mission in mind.