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Tag: Development Coordinator

Jessica Kantor

In her perfect world, Jessica would be surrounded by animals at all times. And she practically is, with her three dogs, a 10-year old bunny and frequent foster puppies!

Jessica is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and worked in the corporate world for several years before joining the Roc Solid team. “I have volunteered for different organizations all my life and believe Roc Solid is where I’m supposed to be!” she says.

As a Roc Solid development coordinator, Jessica covers the North Carolina region… a perfect fit considering her outgoing personality and love for talking to new people about our mission.

We are lucky to have you on the team, Jessica!

Stephanie Ridley

Stephanie is Roc Solid’s Florida rep who loves meeting people and hearing their stories. Her friends know her as the one to call when they’re looking for adventure – sailing, scuba diving, flying a plane… you name it!

A graduate of East Carolina University, Stephanie left the corporate world to raise her two sons and then discovered the nonprofit world. She heard about Roc Solid’s mission some time after a good family friend lost their son, Hunter, to pediatric cancer. Hunter is still her “why” today as she builds awareness and sponsor support throughout the Sunshine State.

“Playset reveals are the best part of my job,” says Stephanie. “Each child we work with steals a piece of my heart and that memory is forever etched in my mind.”

Trey Barham

Don’t let him fool you – Trey is not as serious as he first comes across. But he is definitely as competitive as he seems.

After graduating from VMI, he played professional baseball for 8 seasons with the Oakland A’s. Between that and his experience working in memberships and sponsorships, he’s not shy – he can literally talk to anyone. His goal is to make sure people smile or laugh at least once a day.

His favorite part of his job are the kiddos we serve. “All they want to do is smile and play, and we get to bring that to them.”

He loves spending time with his wife Rachel, daughter Taryn and “puppy” Nuke.

Overall, Trey is just an enjoyable guy to be around (or maybe watch a game with). Just don’t try to race him at a stoplight. He will win.

Rebecca Gaster

She says people describe her as the most ridiculous person they know… but we’re sure they mean that in the best possible way. It’s because she’s always smiling, always laughing and never takes herself too seriously.

Rebecca is our development coordinator working with sponsor groups to make sure they have good experiences at our events and to help them find other opportunities to get involved.

A graduate of Virginia Tech, Rebecca also has her Project Management Professional certification, as well as lots of nonprofit experience in volunteer coordination and fundraising.

“I’m called to do this job because of the amazing team I get to work with and the families and sponsor groups I meet. We have an incredible community, and I feed off of their motivation to love and serve our kiddos and families.”

Stacey Malone

She’s an open book… so whatdoyawanna know?

Stacey brings the sunshine to our team. She’s been compared to “Poppy” (the Troll – the cute kind) because she’s “relentlessly positive and happy, energetic, and easy-going with freckles made of glitter.” It’s her genuine personality, and it’s contagious.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Stacey now works to engage Roc Solid donors and sponsors – the perfect fit for a people-pleaser. She’s great at building those relationships and recognizing others’ needs… while also making sure everyone is having a lot of fun.

“When I joined the Roc Solid team, I knew I’d landed in a place where I can put good back into the world, one family at a time.”