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Tag: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Kristin Psimas

“I will figure it out.”

This is why we love Kristin. She’s analytical and a great problem solver, and she runs toward (not away from) technical challenges and projects. As digital marketing coordinator, she also creates communications workflows, oversees Google Analytics and SEO and manages digital ad campaigns.

Kristin says this position was her answer to two years of prayer and patience – and we’d say the same for us! She previously worked in digital marketing in the corporate world and is a graduate of Elon University.

She says her worst quality is overanalyzing thingsā€¦ but we certainly wouldn’t change anything about that personality trait (see above).

Kristin’s favorite part of her job is the people – the passion of our team members, the courage of our families and the dedication of our volunteers.

She’s tiny, she’s feisty, she loves organization and she has tons of energy. We’re just so happy she’s part of our team, helping to further our mission by making us more efficient at what we do.