Our Story

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The story of Roc Solid Foundation® began more than 30 years ago when founder Eric Newman was diagnosed with liver cancer at age three. To the surprise of his doctors, he beat the odds and has been in remission ever since. But tragically, he also lost two first cousins to pediatric cancer at young ages, leaving him to question “Why me?”

Determined to do something with his passion for helping kids with cancer, his first fundraiser benefited the local children’s hospital (Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Va.) that saved his life.

From humble beginnings, Roc Solid has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2009, completing hundreds of Play It Forward projects and distributing thousands of Roc Solid Ready Bags in partnership with children’s hospitals all over the country.

How the Rock Lost its “K”

When Eric was diagnosed with cancer, his dad gave him a small stuffed animal embroidered with his childhood nickname “E-rock.” The toy had to be sanitized by the hospital, and during the process, the “K” fell off.

Eric kept the stuffed animal, but it wasn’t until 22 years later that it played a role in the naming of his new-found passion. “E-roc” inspired the “Roc” in Roc Solid, describing the tough battle kids face as they fight cancer and the strength they embody.