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Stories from Our Volunteers: Les & Sam

The work done by the Roc Solid Foundation is only possible thanks to the wonderful people who sign up for our volunteer opportunities. So, let’s meet two of our Build Leaders and volunteers!

Meet Les!

Les Halstead, a Roc Solid volunteer.

Having retired at the end of 2020, Les is living proof that everyone can stay fit and active in later life. When we asked him why he wants to spend his retirement helping play defeat cancer, here’s what he had to say:

“I was looking forward to traveling, playing golf, and having time for my drawing and painting. Within 3 weeks of retiring I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Gut check! I was scared and angry, but mostly scared. Not exactly what I had planned for retirement! Nor had I planned to spend the winter and spring in treatment. Thankfully, I got lucky; the cancer was caught early and the treatment has been successful thus far. Then, this past summer, my daughter introduced me to Roc Solid Foundation… I know first-hand what a cancer diagnosis feels like, but I can’t imagine what it feels like to the parents who receive a cancer diagnosis for one of their children. I’m here for the families and kids and I’m truly grateful that I get to help in a small way.”

Les’s empathy, care, and understanding shine through in all the volunteer opportunities he takes, bringing hope to families fighting childhood cancer.

Meet Sam!

Sam Hill (left) with other build leaders from 2022 Play Defeats Cancer Tour.

Sam’s one of our earliest volunteers, having joined Roc Solid back in 2012 – not long after we were founded! He started by helping raise funds, but soon ventured out to a build site himself. And he’s been making play defeat cancer ever since!

When we asked Sam why he was so keen to support Roc Solid, he told us:

“I find a lot of purpose in giving some piece of fun and enjoyment to families that are in such an unfair situation. Seeing the kids and their families play and just enjoy the moment shows us that our efforts are worthwhile. Also, being involved with the Roc Solid volunteer family has been a major cornerstone of my life, having led to so much growth and so many powerful relationships. My favorite memories are just… when there are other siblings out [on the build site] as well. It’s been a lot of fun, there’s been a lot of challenges and a lot of growth… It’s nice to give a bright spot to these families that are going through so much.”

Sam’s dedication to bringing joy to every build day is unmistakable, and it warms our hearts to know he’s received so much love in return.

Sign Up for Roc Solid Volunteer Opportunities

If you feel inspired by the stories of Les and Sam, why not take one of our volunteer opportunities yourself? By joining our community, making a donation, or taking part in a build day, you can make a direct impact on the lives of families battling childhood cancer.