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Become a Monthly Donor!

Monthly donations allow us to plan for future growth and say “yes” to more kids fighting cancer. As a recurring monthly giver, you will provide light to families during their darkest times, as well as support through the highs and lows of treatment. 

Your monthly contribution allows us to better plan for ways to expand our programs for kids fighting cancer by knowing we can count on your support month after month.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Use your social influence for good! Creating a Facebook Fundraiser is an easy but very effective way to help spread Roc Solid’s mission of building hope for every child fighting cancer.

Here’s how to set it up:


Add your fundraiser goal.
For your goal, we suggest $500. That might seem like a big number, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you get there!


Select the end date.
Facebook automatically sets a two-week timeframe, which works great!


Create your post.
Select your fundraiser title, write a message (or use the one provided) and create your post!

Our “Why?”

Reaching 16,000 kids each year is a bold goal. But messages like these are what fuels our determination to reach that goal, and they are our reason to keep doing what we do.

Maddox Leaving the Hospital


“Maddox just received (a Ready Bag) from Roc Solid. Thank you so much for the kindness in this time. It really did give us that much more hope. The support from everyone has been amazing and seeing what Roc Solid has done for so many people and now us is just wonderful.”

Carson Holds Up Items from Ready Bag


“My son was recently diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma… we spoke with a social worker not too long ago and after our conversation she brought us your backpack full of goodies. My son’s eyes lit up and (he) was ready to open up the Connect 4 as soon as possible. Thanks again for all you guys do.”

Amelia swings on her Playset


“Thank you again for everything! She is having the time of her life! This picture to us is worth more than a thousand words. Seeing her joy brings tears of happiness to my eyes. Words fall short of our gratitude!”

Jacop stands at the top of the slide on his playset


“We truly can not thank you enough for the joy you have brought our son and our whole family. This playset really brought life back into our world at the time when we needed it most… It has been so refreshing to watch him laugh and play and we love seeing him so happy. Thank you so much for everything you do and for giving us hope.”

Smiling Kiddo Playing on Playset

What We Guarantee

We strive to be experts at saying thank you. As a monthly donor, you will receive monthly updates showing all the ways that you are helping us build hope for kids fighting cancer. We guarantee that you will experience what hope looks like.