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 Amazon and Roc Solid Unite for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

In September of 2023, Roc Solid Foundation teamed up with one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon, to bring hope and community to families fighting pediatric cancer on the Play Defeats Cancer Tour. The Roc Solid team traveled the East Coast on a tour bus and partnered with local Amazon volunteers in each city to build playsets for kids fighting cancer. 

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Amazon partnered with Roc Solid to build playsets for 25 families fighting pediatric cancer and provided unforgettable team-building experiences for 25 Amazon warehouse teams right in their own communities. 

The Play Defeats Cancer Tour kicked off just outside of Atlanta, Georgia with a very unique playset build for 4-year-old Syre. Amazon Fulfillment Center SAV3 put themselves second on September 1st to build a playset for Syre and his family. The team brought amazing energy despite the rainy conditions and made sure to celebrate Syre all morning long, even though he wasn’t feeling well enough to be outside. The Amazon crew made sure to point the bubble machines toward Syre’s bedroom window as he watched the playset build from inside so he still felt the excitement of the day. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to kick off the tour! 

After one more build in Atlanta, the Play Defeats Cancer Tour bus made its way up the east coast, stopping in Charlotte, NC with a playset build for Leon, Richmond, VA with a build for Owen, and Baltimore, MD with two builds for Micah and Seth. 

The Play Defeats Cancer Tour heads north 

In Pennsylvania, the Roc Solid team met the Amazon Fulfillment teams from DDP2 and DDP9 to build hope for 5-year-old Zaid. Amazon team member, Chad, shared about the day saying, “This was an awesome day and an awesome kid. We’re all hoping Zaid and his sister have just as much fun playing on it as we had building it. Thanks so much for including our team.” 

Next, the bus made its way to the Big Apple to build hope for a very special little one on Staten Island—Thea. Thea stole every heart on the Amazon team while they built her playset. When the last screws went in and the team revealed the playset to Thea and her family, the guest of honor was right on schedule for nap time. She may have snoozed through the big reveal moment, but her parents were moved to tears by the generosity of the Amazon team. 

After the sweltering heat of the coastal states, the Roc Solid team was relieved to make their way west to Ohio to build hope for Andrew, Jamie and Mason in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati with three local Amazon distribution center teams. 

Amazon unboxes hope

The bus journeyed down to Lexington, KY to meet the Amazon team from the LEX1 Distribution Team. The team had a blast building for Ephraim and his five siblings under the stunning Kentucky sky. Ephraim’s big family became even larger when all his cousins came over for the big reveal. Their giggles and blissful squeals brought huge smiles to the faces of the Amazon team members. 

Music City- here we come

Half-way through the Play Defeats Cancer Tour, the big blue bus rolled into Music City: Nashville, TN. Two incredible local Amazon teams built playsets for two roc-star kiddos. On the last day in Nashville, the Amazon crew had to work hard to get 6-year-old Dylan out of his shell, but once they did, he was all smiles on his new playset. The Amazon team shared about their experience, saying, “Had an amazing time putting myself aside for the greater good of others. Climb high Dylan!” and “What a great experience! Thank you for what you do and allowing us to be a part of it!” 

Next up on the Play Defeats Cancer Tour- the sunshine state

After three days in the heart of Tennessee, the Play Defeats Cancer Tour headed down the coast to the Florida beaches. The first Florida build was for 4-year-old Aspen in Jacksonville. Although Aspen had to be in Boston for surgery, the local Amazonians had a blast building her playset. Thanks to them, Aspen will have a huge surprise waiting for her when she gets home. 

Next, the Roc Solid Team headed down to Orlando to build hope for Madison and Grayson and then to Tampa to build for Scarlett. There must be something in the Florida water because these local Amazon teams brought the energy! 

The next day, down in Miami, the Roc Solid and Amazon teams met Justin’s family. Justin’s mama bear made Columbian coffee for the whole crew. Although there was a language barrier, the hope and love brought into Justin’s yard was understood clearly. 

Impacting families from coast to coast

The last playset built for the Amazon team on the Play Defeats Cancer Tour landed in Seattle, WA for Isola. They finished the tour strong on the last day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and brought big smiles to this little girl.

September was packed full of hope for families fighting pediatric cancer because of Amazon. We are thrilled to partner with an organization committed to giving back and making an impact in their local communities. In 2022, Amazon sponsored one playset and this year they sponsored 25. We are so excited to see how our impact can continue to grow together in the future so that we can one day love and serve every child and family fighting pediatric cancer. 

To learn more about partnering with Roc Solid to build playsets for kids fighting cancer, click here. 

Roc Solid also partnered with Backyard Discovery, Hunt Brothers Pizza, Shady Rays and Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group to build playsets on the 2023 Play Defeats Cancer Tour.