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Unveiling Hope: Lansing’s Conference Surprise for Families Fighting Pediatric Cancer

March 5, 2024

Lansing Building Products is a nationwide construction materials distribution company founded on three basic principles: respect, service and excellence. Roc Solid became a part of the Lansing story as a way to help the team live out those values. In January of 2024, Lansing associates gathered in Norfolk, VA for their two annual leadership conferences and together built four playsets and eight playhouses for families fighting pediatric cancer. 

The day began as Lansing leaders gathered in meeting rooms throughout the Norfolk, VA hotel, the Roc Solid team was busy loading in playset and playhouse materials and tools for over 200 volunteers to build hope for families fighting pediatric cancer. A few short hours later, the Lansing team members were wide-eyed as they entered the main ballroom to see playset pieces, bubble machines and enthusiastic Roc Solid Build Leaders. 

Living out core values 

At each of the two conferences, hundreds of Lansing team members with no playset-building experience worked together to build two playsets and four playhouses in just a few hours. Many stuck around late into the evening to help as the Roc Solid team packed up tools and stacked tables—they wanted to do anything they could to keep building hope. 

“It’s really meaningful for our associates to be able to partner with Roc Solid and especially to be very hands-on and actually build the playset that they know is going to go to someone’s home,” Keila Walker, 2024 Vice President of the Lansing Foundation, shared. 

The next morning, while the Lansing leaders were busy in their morning session, the Roc Solid team was preparing to reveal one of the playsets to a family fighting pediatric cancer—in the hotel lobby. Lansing President, Hunter Lansing, and other executives were thrilled to surprise their associates with the live reveal for a family who’s kiddos had no idea what their big surprise was. 

“What if I told you right now, that you are about to reveal this playset to a family at your national sales meeting?” Eric Newman, Roc Solid founder shared with the group. Lansing leaders, now playset builders, watched with huge smiles as the families came around the corner to see their very own playsets and a bunch of new friends. 

Turning team-building into hope for kids fighting cancer 

Colt and his family in front of his new playset!

The Roc Solid team transported the playsets and playhouses out of the hotel and into the backyards of 10 families fighting pediatric cancer within two days. Each kiddo was just as excited to see their playset installed in their own yard as they were when they saw it for the first time at the hotel. Eric Newman shared, “When the family came around the corner and saw the playset for the first time and saw all the people and they heard the cheer from the crowd, guess what they weren’t thinking about? Cancer. That’s what it’s about.”

We are honored to partner with organizations like Lansing to be the community these families need. Lansing truly lives out their values and they put those values on full display to love and serve these families—all in just a few hours. 

Watch the full Lansing Conference experience on our YouTube channel here

We are pumped to be building playsets with teams all around the country at conferences and team-building events. If you want your team to become a part of the impact for families fighting pediatric cancer in your local community, let us know! Email us at info@rocsolidfoundation for more information about playset sponsorships or conference experiences.