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Thinking Inside the Box—Our Warehouse Design 

Roc Solid Foundation’s world headquarters is located in a warehouse space in Chesapeake, VA. When we first moved into our 5,000-square-foot space, the opportunities to store supplies for our Playset and Ready Bag programs felt endless. 

As our organization and impact have grown, so has our team and the volume of supplies it takes to run our programs. Suddenly, our once massive warehouse space began to feel a little small. Despite our office work spaces that we affectionately refer to as “the trailer” (because it is, well, a trailer) we still needed more desk space for our crew. We knew we needed to get creative and would need some help adapting our space to accommodate our growing team and operation. 

Bringing our warehouse to life 

Amy Stanley, owner of Style by Design, has been a supporter of Roc Solid Foundation for years, volunteering her time and interior design services to help us build hope for families fighting pediatric cancer. “Roc Solid was actually one of my first clients when I went out on my own with Style by Design. I helped Eric to convert his garage into the original ‘office space!’ Amy shared. Amy has been behind the magic for several Night for the Fight events throughout the years and made our previous office space come to life in the Roc Solid culture.

Thinking inside the box 

It was a clear choice to call her about transforming our warehouse space. We started with some big ideas—really big. Two Conex shipping containers weighing over 4,000lb each were donated, custom fabricated, painted and delivered to our warehouse. We are so thankful to partner with Amy, Kuhlman Electrical and All First who all donated their time and services to construct the coolest office space there is.

 Big boxes for big ideas

The Conex boxes were stacked on top of each other with a floating staircase off of the side. After interior paint, electrical and AC units were added, giant “HOPE” letters were installed to the side and our team moved in. 

Warehouse redesign in progress!

The lower level of the Conex boxes holds two offices—one for our Executive Assistant, Kelly, and one for our Director of Playsets, John. Up top, the entire upper level holds an office for Eric—Roc Solid’s founder and Chief Play Officer. 

 It all starts with our “why”

The new Conex offices are the first thing you see when you walk into our warehouse space, and the giant “HOPE” letters are impossible to miss. They remind every team member, volunteer and sponsor that comes in why we do what we do—to build hope for every family fighting pediatric cancer. Everyone who comes to our warehouse for the first time is stunned at the size and individuality of our Conex box offices. 

Thank you to all who gave of their time, skills and resources to create our one-of-a-kind office space for our amazing team. 

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