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Hope for Kids Fighting Cancer on the West Coast

Semi-Kinetics is a full-service contract electronics manufacturer located on the west coast in California that is making a huge impact on the pediatric cancer community. When Semi-Kinetics President and CEO Michael Leedom’s family was struck by pediatric cancer, he was introduced to Roc Solid and then became a huge supporter of the mission. Today, Semi-Kinetics packs and distributes the majority of Ready Bags that are distributed to children’s hospitals throughout the western United States. 

When the Leedom’s three-and-a-half year old granddaughter, Emery was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018, the family found out first hand how devastating and confusing a childhood cancer diagnosis is for a family. They received a Roc Solid Ready Bag in the hospital and were welcomed into the Roc Solid community who has been there to love and serve the Leedoms ever since. 

Semi-Kinetics owner Mike Leedom with his Granddaughter Emery.
President and CEO of Semi-Kinetics, Michael Leedom, and his granddaughter Emery.

We fight together

Eric Newman and Emery all smiles at her 
Playset build!
Eric Newman, Roc Solid Foundation founder and Emery all smiles at her Playset build!

In the months following her diagnosis, Emery received a playset from Roc Solid Foundation. After seeing the impact their Ready Bag, playset and the Roc Solid community had on his family throughout her treatment, Emery’s grandfather Micheal knew he wanted to get Semi-Kinetics involved. Michael asked the simple question that launched a nationwide partnership of hope—”How can we help?” 

Roc Solid’s headquarters is located on the southeast coast of Virginia where all Ready Bags were being packed and distributed at the time. With rising shipping costs across the country, it was an easy solution to partner with Semi-Kinetics to pack and distribute Ready Bags from the west coast to the children’s hospitals on the western side of the country. 

The Semi-Kinetics team packing a lot of hope at Ready Bag packing party!
Eric Newman and the Semi-Kinetics team packing a lot of hope at a Ready Bag Packing Party!

 Putting hope in the hands of those who need it most

“This partnership removes a ceiling on what we can do for these kids and how fast we can get these bags into other families’ hands,” Michael shares. “Our process can be easily replicated and consistently grown so that we can supply Ready Bags to not just one, but 200, 300, 400 hospitals down the road.” 

Mama Bear Cayt and her daughter Olive meeting with the Roc Solid and Semi-Kinetics teams.
Mama Bear Cayt and her daughter Olive at a Ready Bag Packing Party hosted by the Semi-Kinetics team.

The partnership launched in 2021, and today, Semi-Kinetics packs and ships thousands of Ready Bags every year, sending the message of hope and community to families who have just been diagnosed with pediatric cancer. We are honored to partner with Semi-Kinetics to love and serve the pediatric cancer community. Together, we will one day reach every child and family with the message of hope and community. 

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