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Pizza with a Purpose: Hunt Brothers®  Pizza Impact 

There’s one thing Roc Solid kiddos seem to almost never turn down—pizza! For that and so many other reasons, Hunt Brothers® Pizza is a perfect partnership to reach more families fighting pediatric cancer through the power of play and community. 

Hunt Brothers Pizza has been a partner of Roc Solid since 2020. Hunt Brothers Pizza said “yes!” to loving and serving families fighting childhood cancer during one of the most devastating and isolating times for these families. Since kids fighting cancer have weakened immune systems, their families had to hunker down and stay quarantined in an even more strict manner than the rest of the world during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During one of the loneliest times for the pediatric cancer community, Hunt Brothers Pizza answered the call and jumped in to help build life-changing backyard playsets where these kiddos could play and not have to worry about any germs from the outside world. 

“Our first event was a playset build in September of 2020 for Jan Blaise and his family,” Hunt Brothers Pizza Corporate Projects Specialist, Ashlee Pruitt shared. “There was no reprieve for families with children suffering from isolation. We knew we needed to bring some good and happiness to Jan Blaise and his family.” From there, the partnership only grew as the Hunt Brothers Pizza team found a way to love and serve their local communities through Roc Solid Playset projects.

In the past few years, Hunt Brothers Pizza team members have shown up to playset build days with bright smiles, high energy and (you guessed it) pizza to create unforgettable days and build playsets for families fighting pediatric cancer. “Every year, our team members are very enthusiastic about volunteering to help build hope for a family. We also enjoy bringing our community van out to make fresh, hot pizza for everyone involved,” Ashlee shared. “What we are most excited for is more organizations to learn about them, donate, volunteer and continue to see Roc Solid and their platform grow so they can help even more families.”

Hunt Brothers Pizza team members enjoy spending time together outside of their day-to-day roles to give back in their local communities and share the love of play and hope through pizza. “This partnership started as a personal favor from a good friend of ours, Richard Childress, but what it became was a blessing that God brought to us through our friendships. Roc Solid is an organization that we feel gives back so directly and has an immediate impact for families. It also allows our team members to be a blessing to others through volunteering. It is a win/win for everyone, but mostly for these special families,” Ashlee shared.

We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Hunt Brothers Pizza again in 2024 to build hope for families fighting childhood cancer through amazing people who believe that community and pizza can change the world! Ashlee testifies, “If you’re reading this article, we feel blessed by this organization to be called a partner. If you’re on the fence about whether to donate, or become a partner with them, don’t think, just act. Your kindness and support for these children and their families is so very much needed!” 

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