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The Cameron Club’s Mission: Changing Lives, One Ready Bag at a Time

The Cameron Club supports Roc Solid’s Ready Bag program. For more information, please email us at

“…because there are 16,000 families who will be diagnosed with childhood cancer this year and we want to make sure they all get a Ready Bag.” Ted Quinn, Roc Solid Foundation board member and Cameron Club visionary shares about why he started The Cameron Club. When Ted’s grandson, Cameron, was diagnosed with leukemia, his mama and papa bear received a Roc Solid Ready Bag. “Our hope was in that Ready Bag immediately,” Ted shared. Now, the family is coming alongside Roc Solid Foundation to make sure every family whose kiddo is diagnosed with cancer in the United States receives that same hope through a Ready Bag at diagnosis.

Christmas Eve of 2018 did not go at all as Catherine and Matthew Gular had planned. Their oldest child, Cameron, was fighting a high fever that just would not go away and landed the family in the emergency room at CHKD in Norfolk, VA. Due to the holiday, the pathology lab was closed and no testing could be done on their three-year-old, but the doctor was very confident that what he saw in Cameron’s blood draw was leukemia cells. 

The child life team at the hospital brought a Roc Solid Ready Bag to the Gular family and they were introduced to the Roc Solid community. Catherine shared that their Ready Bag was, “a glimmer of hope through the message that we were not as alone as we felt in that moment.”

A symbol of hope in the midst of chaos

Once the family began treatment, they saw the big, blue Ready Bag as a symbol of the hope and community that would be with them every step of the way. Matthew, Cam’s papa bear, describes it as a “life-saving measure” in the middle of a battle they never thought they would fight. 

Ted and his wife Rita immediately wanted to learn more about Roc Solid Foundation who had provided the Ready Bag to their daughter and grandson. Although several organizations offered encouragement and resources during Cam’s treatment, Ted shared that the Ready Bag was so impactful because “that first day is so powerful.” He shared, “We needed that huge message of hope to overshadow the confusion and devastation we were feeling.”

For the next family 

Cameron and his family celebrated the end of his treatment on July 7, 2021 and his family knew they would be life-long supporters of Roc Solid Foundation for the hope and community they provided during the terrible years they fought leukemia. Cameron’s story is one of resilience and vibrant life, and they hope that sharing it with other families will bring them hope for their future as well. 

Ted joined the Roc Solid Board of Directors shortly after and is committed to growing the Ready Bag program to be able to one day provide a Ready Bag to all 16,000 families who are diagnosed with pediatric cancer in the United States every year. 

In 2023, Roc Solid Foundation launched The Cameron Club, a community of philanthropic individuals and organizations that are committed to growing that vision. Each member of The Cameron Club donates $400 every month to allow Roc Solid Foundation to grow the Ready Bag program and one day reach all 16,000 families. Every dollar donated through the Cameron Club goes directly to providing Ready Bags. Cameron Club members will also have the opportunity to experience unique Roc Solid events and the hands-on experience of providing hope to these families, including an invitation to an exclusive Ready Bag Packing Party every year. 

It is Ted and his family’s vision to help people partner with Roc Solid to provide Ready Bags through The Cameron Club so that they know that every dollar they donate is going directly to providing a Ready Bag for one more family who will face the worst news of their lives this year. 

For more information and to become a member of The Cameron Club, email us at